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Severe wounds may inflict great damage to the muscles, bones,
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stantly present in all diseases of the mucous membrane
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erides of Natural Curiosities. — {Eph. Nat. Cur.,
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gout, and the like, recjuires no analysis here. It may, however, be excus-
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lieve, as will be inferred by the statement that in the
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the affection closely. Eczema simplex may readily be
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in the food, it is erf the highest interest to us as therapeutists to
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perience in the treatment of the diseases in question, in that State. "We
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at lower altitudes. The possibilities of light as a factor
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other. Our problem is to strengthen the weak muscle as much as pos-
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the anus an inflamed pile existed. Under those circumstances,
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Report of an Unsuccessful Case. By Grace E. Cross, M.D. . . 340
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of the pulmonary pleura favor the rapid iliffusion of
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tion. His general health is excellent, there is no trace of a
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this communicated with one of the abscesses in the right
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ing, these effects being proportionate to the degree of permanent paralysis.
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external incision is often also necessary. In sixteen cases
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retained in utero after the death of the foetus. There is no evidence of any
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may not be turbid, will when injected often cause an
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course of Latin, Greek, and Mathematics had been pur-
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tain cases, and its deleterious effect in others ; it is suitable to invalids
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gauze saturated with equal parts of ichthyol and glycerin,
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springs) end each in a costal spring, embracing the thorax, and
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male of long experience in the practice. .His terms will
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(including the Carmichael College of Medicine and the
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Mrs. X., white, thirty-one years old, of good physical
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45, a broker, during a violent snow-storm, Dec. 12th, 1867, rode from the