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intrigued by Dr. Nordland’s second case as it illustrates
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area soon forming around the head and mouthparts of each larva.
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week. Graduates of Medicine in reputable Colleges, Clergymen, and Theological Stu-
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first variety of Cheyne), or at least the predisposition to it, may
ently refused amputation until they were thoroughly auto-
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lent.” Onset of anesthesia : “rapid.” Only 60 cc. of Blockain was used. A whiff of
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drawn, witu a view to relief. Twenty-five sound teeth were accordingly
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in the testicle eleven months before operation. It gradually in-
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shock. The keeper of a refreshment booth who had lost
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These strangers or visitors are usually not aware of the
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annually. Senior Surgeon, Thomas Reid, M.D. Surgeons, Thomas S.
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hospitals. They receive the same pay as the military sur-
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This is a faculty of the mind designed to determine the end
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Welch. A similar fact pertains to Dr. Guiteau's wife. She was
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Heiser, recorder of board of examiners, Manila, P. I., on Augusts,
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BO sinecure, for not only has he given to us all that
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being probably caused by an endocarditis, as the patient
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quite a new character. I refer to the publication in the
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' Seek first righteousness, and all other things will be added unto
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then been under observation by the whole medical profession in Europe and
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According to the statistics of von Coler, the frequency of pneumonia
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health and disease. He has shown that young, thin persons, in
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homoeopathic treatment should thus receive it, at municipal
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floWt diminish mucosal swelling, soften the calculi, and promote their
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closing of K + channels raises intracellar calcium (right pathway).
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place, by a more speedy death ; and, in the next, by the
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nating with flushes of heat Warmth and absolute rest mitigate these
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ology, that constitute narcotic drug disease. The lack of this knowledge
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OF GREAT INTEREST and Importance to eviry PractHloaar.
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normal in these respects. A little milk was tried, but at
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no enthusiasm ; their literature no warmth ; their administration
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comes from the spongy lung surrounding the large divisions of the
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else is at hand. Cloths wrung out in hot water to which a little
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mediately disinfected. All nasal or buccal secretions
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The resistances diminish, then blood-pressure remains the
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More epithelial elements were present in the discharge from the
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recurrences except in isolated cases, the same as does scarlet fever.
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The author, who is Professor of Anatomy in the University
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doctrines of his enemies. He must be cleanly in his habits, his finger-
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the antero-posterior diameter of the superior strait
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the legislature so to amend the medical practice act as to exempt
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occurred under his notice. In one case, complete convalescence was established
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or ovaries or both ; if they have resulted from an attack
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which were afterwards treated with the lactucarium, obtained
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frequency, and yet without any special local determination, it must be classed as
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ever name it may be known by. It possesses an analogous
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Also. Reprint. — Marcano (G.) Ethnographic prfeco-