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the second stage, viz., to strengthen the heart's action, and support the

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It may possibly sustain the patient so as to enable nature to re-

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is in this mode that a cure sometimes takes place. It is desirable, there-

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with more or less constitutional disturbance, should excite suspicion of

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sources and uses, physiologists are not agreed ; some regarding it as trans-

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Dr. Neill, Curator, presented the following catalogue of

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after his residence in the Pennsylvania Hospit^i^l, and his statistics

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to dilatation of this cavity ; and finally, as a consequence of obstruction

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disease per se^ as to coexisting affections. In fact, exclusive of the acci-

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mains* to consider morbid conditions relating to the other two divisions of

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or the ordinary soluble and non-adhesive dusting and

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Heretofore, this operation was performed owlj a^ ii dernier resort, under

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Dr. Jackson observed that those who have false teeth should be

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means necessarily renders the disease fatal. It occurred in 4 out of 133

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in the course of pulmonary tuberculosis, its existence shoidd certainly be

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perate climates. Its occurrence is attributed either to the absorption of

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often emplo^^ed too largely ; but, the natural tendenc}' being to pass from


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being equal, the doses required will depend on the degree of pain. But

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chial rales, pneumonitis being excluded, and the existence of Bright's

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view of the source of disorders referable to the circulation, to the various

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cent, solution added to chopped meat prevented its be-

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supply of arterial blood is another causative circumstance. The ligature

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