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Spring Knee. — Dr. Delorme describes, in the Gazette
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rate, would not the Sulphate so much used in America — and
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fatal cases ; McClintock has been able to collect close on to fifty authen-
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HOM(EOPATHIC TREATMENT. Mercurius, China. These are two
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being who .should now touch them would be certain to con-
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under the author^ name are treated as strictly confidential. We can
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were isolated in a small room attached to one of the wards. The door
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Munt, H. F., Winston-Salem; Med. Coll., Va., 1911 1914 1915
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entirely cured and the other two relieved of all symp-
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zealous investigators in so great numbers as the microscopic
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• Martin : "Ueber Myomoperationen," Zeitschrift f. Geb. u. Gyn., Bd. xx. S. 9.
best cbd capsules for anxiety and depression
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required. If, after the bowels have been freely evacuated, diarrhoea, pain,
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men; vomiting; an inability to lie upon either side; a total re-
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sufficiency and conse<pient strain is the chief cause of the chorea.
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de I'aponevrose palmaire (maladie de I>u])uvtren). Gaz.
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generally, not because they want to neglect it, but because it is not
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to emphasize. But until Landsteiner and Popper^ communicated the disease to
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mous, but in some cases its size is not increased, although its intimate
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to types of pathological characters and clmical behavior. Such
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the iliac fossae, upwards to the diaphragm, and into the posterior medi-
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Waxy degeneration of the spleen rarely exists except in connection with a
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two extremes we meet with all degrees of locomotion. Thus there may
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of chronic brain wasting," in which he states that the healthy
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the hands are applied with slow but sustained effort to make the breech
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boil' (Caucasus); the Tartar name is 'Il-jarassy' ('11' = year,
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below the first one. The operation would have been incomplete but
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enamel appeared below. In a row parallel with each other, and
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Dr. Letheby entered very fully into the subject of the pro-
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Soothes anxious care on sleepless couch re- to death, others were tortured in the vain
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might occur from extension of the inflammation to the
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The researches of the author have extended over several centuries, for
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aspect of the ankle, beginning at the posterior edge of
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thoroughly empty, clean, and in the most favorable condition for