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symptoms and daily rise of temperature of two or three degrees,
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not permit a clear distinction of the most sensitive end point.
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diphtheriae has here the same significance as elsewhere, a fac-
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cases will depend upon the interest of the patient,
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the past history of the city. The work of the general con-
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eases might develop side by side, each intensifying the
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Partridge is said to be interested, and which are oper-
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ment in general, and especially on the application of thera-
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oesophagus. It must, however, be admitted that the act of
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as the marrow of bone. The fibrous capsule or perios-
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** Besides, the identity of objective or material characters in substances or
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tem is prostrated, it is better to give injections of caffeine, as much as a
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Report of a Recovery prom Traumatic Tetanus. — L. B, Van
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Bacillus egens differs from all the other pathogenic anaerobes in
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having been pressure on bhe recurrenl laryngeals, or even
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These being returned, and the feet brought down, I attempted delivery,
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and report at qext meeting ufK)n the recommendations offered
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satisfied with this but have attempted to attain at any rate approxi-
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the circulatory and digestive systems, is well known to medical men. The
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him and to such action he will have no recourse — he
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There has been considerable doubt as to whether quinia
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not act as a caustic irritant, but as a healing agent in the
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of its development. He is the only individual who has the opportunity
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paper, having rows of oblong holes (1 inch by § inch) cut out
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peritoneal cavity had not been invaded. Both tubes and oviar-
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insane people are employed at the looms, and where more cloth is fabri-
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Munt, H. F., Winston-Salem; Med. Coll., Va., 1911 1914 1915
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were laboring for the good of their fellow creatures, should
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the writer was able to show only one case of encephalitis due to
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the treatment can be discontinued. Use the tonic all along
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some other chronic disease of the skin ; for, as already stated, there