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over level, smooth pavements in from six to eight min-

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The theory of immunity in its narrowest and strictest sense

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It is now a year since cicatrization was completed, and

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in certain persons. And he had seen — as everyone who had much to do with

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Lotion of Chlorinated Soda, for purifying the breath, cleans-

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as mountaineers, farmers, and boatmen, enjoy almost complete immunity

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Governor’s Perinatal Advisory Board. The board, author-

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The mesentery passes through on the right side, and at and about

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cases where recovery has been nearly complete, some sphincter

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The inspector charo^ed with the collection of samples of milk is ex-

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AMA attempts to deal with all points of view regarding

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effect desired. — G. A. Hulett, M. D., Kansas City,

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grinding. The average for 19 trials, with 297 pigs, where the amount

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fall by acute disease, he seldom escapes those of I

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fied. The following was recorded: 1) Vital signs [systolic

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pint) of a 2% carbolic acid solution. Within a week after the operation

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and the duration of the fever. Indeed, many of the symptoms

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these conditions. Tlie removal by caustics substituted pure

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JloGEBs; Mr. Hemming ; Mr. Collins; Mr. Morris; Mr. J. Colville ;

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to promote the same important object by local efforts, by representation to

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should the veterinarian be called upon to examine a case of this

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The administration of a purgative gives rise in the majority of cases

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