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only one side of the hone, and complete perforations, when both
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college. She was instructor in the college for a number
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into a state of stupor, in which Dr. Liell found her. The ex-
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The power of penetration of a bullet is dependent on its
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years have elapsed since he wrote his graduation thesis in 1871, and
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Senator J. W. Hoysralt, of Hudson, New York. They have one child,
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make an ovariotomy, or to perform the various' plastic
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ardent in their desire to accomplish practical work, and highly
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time. They were then killed ; and the former was found with
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central tube. The French shrapnel of 75 centimetres con-
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sufficient basis a pathological hypothesis may be constructed.
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When, later, divulsion was being lauded, he opposed this
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An amendment to the by-laws was proposed, changing the
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mostly liquid, dark or greenish, containing mucus and undi-
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Dr. Brannan has contributed many important articles that have
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neck and along the spine. Ringing in the ears, chiefly the right
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Therapeutics, is a native of Newark, New Jersey, born in 1872, the
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173 Fifth Avenue, and during the course of his career has acquired a
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metres long. The close relationship of the musculo-spiral
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us to laborious, long-continued, and rigid experimentation when
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Physician, in order to enter upon the private practice of
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was present at the capture of Ticonderoga, and accompanied the
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fissures. The cotyloid cavity, its pad, the round ligament,
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fessional skill and devotion, being a son, grandson and great-grand-
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ence of matter dependent upon the variations of a sentient or
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emphasizing the sharp contrast between superstition and science.
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removed nowadays without hesitation and without much
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Medical Rhymes. Selected and compiled by Hugo Erichsen, M.D. St. Louis,
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speedy fulfilment of our purpose. Nevertheless, we were again
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osseous lesion are exceptional. They are impossible to
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most deceptive aids in diagnosis, and a dependence on them to
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The painful thirst, caused doubtless by the drainage of the
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portant theme. The historical portion is admirably complete.
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hinder the exit of the intrathoracic air. Thus emphysema
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terium (the bacillus anthracis), is, I think, also a patent fact.
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Valentine Mott Medical Society, founder, ex-treasurer and ex-presi-