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Trousseau, and the chloride of zinc, as used by Rilliet and Barthez,

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cesses, as they tend to produce exhaustion of the vital powers, cannot

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called a symptom, we will refer to it under that head,

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blister from patients in the acute stage, injected either

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ingly, the pylorus is in some way dependent upon variations in

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in cultural work consist, therefore, of a dilute solution of these inor-

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of Dioscorides' own account (Frg. 1 , in the collection of Crateuas

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Viperinae. — The true vipers include : Viper a bems L., the adder

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along the course of the stroke and rapidly acquired a

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normal, while in the 5 cases of pneumonia there was at times

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lie partially avoided by requiring that the certificate of

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but for this she certainly had to thank her good fortune

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The Dental Cosmos. Edited by J. H. McQuillen, D.D.S., and George J.

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It appears to me, that the cases which occurred at the first ap-

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the seventh year of its most useful work. I am at the same

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ploughing and cultivation incident to planting. It will, however,

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of London : A Case of Carcinoma : a Fresh Hospital Ship.

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of Weichselbaum but a pure streptococcus complicating a pneumonia.

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progress— what was the trouble' Easier asked than an-

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There is no part of Dr. BelTs treatise in which we have been so moch

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Brit. M. J., Lond., 1896, i, 620.— Keyes ( \.) Vacianiiento

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night to render this action persistent. This treatment was continued for

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About the position of the upper incisors, which appeared almost ready to

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amount of phosphorus contained in the original pseudo-globulin preparation.

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to coagulate milk. It is highly pathogenic for mice, guinea-pigs,

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forming a complete arch, and lasting ten or fifteen min-

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