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will find the second edition of Mr C. E. Wallis's Atlas of De^ital
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2. The placenta plays a very important role in the transmission
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one case of a necrotic femur which had broken as he was lift-
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tion, namely, the effects of cold on the chest as well as on the
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and tremulous efforts to open them, as she proceeds with the impressive
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system which serves essentially to regulate impressions and
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As regards the treatment of the present case, says Dr. Playfair, it is impos-
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ation occurs the membrana tympani should be freely incised,
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hepatitis ; the second, hepatitis gummosa ; and the third, waxy, amyloid,
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and aggravation, the first in the winter and the second in the summer
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the disease occasionally appeared to remain at a stand-still, but no
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jfreriiicnc. Alopecie sypbilitique totale des cils. J. d.
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bation.' This period, it is asserted, is long enough to
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gastro-enterostomy liad been performed, and thus gave
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of women menstruate but a few times or but once while
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Giornale Italiano delle Malattie Veneree e Delia Pelle, Agosto, Ottobre, 1874.
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U.S.A.; Thomas Connell, private, U.S.A.; Joseph Elli-
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^civiiy 01 the horned viper {Bitis nasicornis) from Africa.
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which they could be treated -n-ith safety. Shortly before the
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III. — The Hereditary Transmission of Disease .... 442
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especiallorce, presiding over their movements, and essential to
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People turn to you when illness strikes. The latest
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THERAPEUTICS. Second Edition. By E. J. Waring, M.D., F.L.S.
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Farabeuf. Ann. d. iiial.d. org. gfnito iirin.. Par., 1894. xii,
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velopment of the contagium of puerperal fever in lying-in
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