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induced to modify his surgical procedure and to adopt defini-

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Dr. Hechenberger we have an enthusiastic eulogist and stout de-

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externally, and is extremely valuable in relieving itching

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clinical forms of tetanus — cephalic tetanus (12), tetanus

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The relation of lesions of the optic thalamus to vaso-motor and

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tortuous veins can be distinguished. A little below the middle, two

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catarrh of the uterus may exist without causing premature delivery.

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would reveal an unhealthy condition of those muscles.

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of course, conclusive as against mere alcoholism, and unequal pupils sug-

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ity, giving rise to nutritional changes and functional

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knees ; though by the exercise of great pluck he was able to struggle about and

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jiolymorplie. Assoc. franc;, pour I'avance. d. sc. ( .-r. 1895,

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and most of them nowadays assert that a large proportion of pelvic dis-

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disinfected, and the number of victims would be enor-

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these persisted for a year or more) ; two were improved ; seven

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extended ; she took large doses of assafoetida for some days without benefit,

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covered b}' a number of dilated prominent venules, from which there

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This committee had decided to report favorably on the proposi-

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admission to Casualty Clearing Station. Admitted to No. 13 General Plospital

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creas disease, and admitted that this fact enabled him

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■while the base of the cranium or sub-occipital region is towards the ace-

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On the Currents of Activity in the Frog's Brain. — H. F. Verigo

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Medical AssodaXiony concludes a treatise in the above subject as follows:

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apparently cured, as were 3 of 5 cases of tuberculous glands.

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and homogeneous. — 12th. Sweet ; remained the same

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consequently abnormally thick, slimy, gelatinous, and brittle. The

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during her restless state, been accidentally pulled upon by her hand

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characteristic features of yellow fever — the jaundice and the haemorrhages. The

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Biggs, Montgomery H., Rutherfordton, (Hon.) ; Univ. of Pa.,

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The milk in the tube containing,' the bougie curdled at the end of six and

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weakness of the left half of the body. Examination re-