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' «• Mnrrain ** is another term applied by veterinarians to very different disorders
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and citron, green roots of ginger, &c, are first boiled in water
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history of the epidemic, and whieli enables us to see at a glance
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derable additions have been made." The work is published in a hand-
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diet, which should be maintained indefinitely, must
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side of the vessel. As counter-proof, the left carotid was so dissected
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we have to reckon with the cause. Since this is so often septic, septicemic
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6. A Case of Elephantiasis Sjroti Complicated by a Large
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tive march of the science of Anatomy, we should not have learned yet
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riety of conditions which are characterized by pain which
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to coagulate milk. It is highly pathogenic for mice, guinea-pigs,
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May, 1898. In speaking of the prevention of tuberculosis the Dr.
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subject of paralysis from cerebral disease since the publication
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the most dangerous phase of diphtheria, when antitoxine is use-
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but not yet demonstrated, in very rare instances, that the vagina
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which gradually deepens into complete unconsciousness, the heart, although
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favorable circumstances possible — ^it should be rendered
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to the groin, hot sedative applications and linseed poultices re-
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seen, it being almost invariably the anti-gravity movements
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late Capt. George Mathers at Camp Meade, Md. ; similar cocci
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further quotes the researches of Hellreigel, which go to
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an intense cyanotic pallor. The eyes are dull and half open.
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ders of fields. Several varieties have been produced by culti-
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test resembling that prodviced by albumin ; these are the urates in ex-
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facts that such attitudes are unnecessarily assumed through
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lowing conclusions from their observations: 1. Most cases ot
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forms of phthisis. Fowler's solution is recommended, in
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foundation, than that of the mere statements they derive from