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attempts were made to moderate the amount of alcholic stimu-
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Gentlemen :— As a basis for our study of the diagnosis of the
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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.
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develops, especially if looked at from above, against a white back-
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in epidemics occurring in differait places at the same -h^^^^
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nancy is proved, I think, by its cessation as soon as the fostus had come
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15. Specimen of Dissecting Aneurism of the Aorta. Exhibited by
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blades, as the pressure in this oblique direction over the head of the child
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duction, to whatever extent the exhalation of fluid from the skin may be
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Punctured Wound of Orbit — traversing the Orbit and entering brain.
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January 25. For further information contact Mr. Bart
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all the more necessary, since the diatheses are so largely concerned in
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increased nearly one hundred per cent., their insane one
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■whether upwards or downwards, though a " great deal has been said on both
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His observations lead to the result that mercurial treatment is
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history of the epidemic, and whieli enables us to see at a glance
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tube to be an intermittent one of exceedingly fast pe-
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Lewis and published by the R. N. Plummer Company, of New
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1. The ultimate unit of life is not the cell, but the protein
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95. Kebbell. — Stricture of the (E.so[»hagus; Case. Lancet, January,
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On a map with different colors denoting different types
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manently beneficial effects on the fever. He claims that by fol-
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involving the renal artery. Symptoms. — Sudden pain in the region of the
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marked, acute cedematous infiltration may be present in a more or
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a vast amount of labor which will be unnecessary hereafter. It has been
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Dr. Dunglison says: " The human body, from the moment of its for-
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I. Saturate a feather in Kerosene Oil and apply to sore, is a
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We have done this under conditions that are almost unfair. We
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er intelligence arises from any combination of unintelligent atoms, when
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serious literary judgment, unless, as rarely happens, they fall
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some pecoliar condition of the constitution, and farther that there is
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a precipitation of the cholesterine and bilirubin ; these
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until Dutrouleau's expression, "C'est le chaos," seemed entirely jus-
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I hope that experiments with inoculation will be continued under
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the existence of a morbid material in the gastro-iutcstinal eirusJon ; ud
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him long sincerely. His portrait — that of a sunburnt, active-
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