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or police regulations. This form of paralysis is accompanied by much

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years, but it does not extend beyond or lead to a generalized morbid

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From 1851 to 1856. our country has never been entirely free from the dis-

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in hippopotamus, zebra, rhinoceros, oryx, crocodile, and fish, but undoubt-

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>\Tiling r I disbelieve it. AVill you produce it here :

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In this paper an attempt is made to analyze further the growth re-

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Isabella of Castile and Philip, son of Maximilian I.

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Our editorial colleague has received the details of a case of death

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rascal for a moment, and thundered ' Lay down your gun and

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border. Petechise developed during the course of the disease. The color

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Calif, for he had studied medicine under Avenzoar (Ibn Zohn),

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almost always unilateral, in 1 8 per cent of tumours of the vermis ; in 26

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to solve a definite problem. These studies and the resulting

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and the effects produced upon the patient must therefore be classed among the

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by strangulation, and is an exemplification of the difficulty we meet

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pains in the loins, the calves of the legs, and the muscles in other situa-

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the sexually exciting pleasure of dancing, the large quan-

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period there is no doubt that the changes which take place in the

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must be due to one of several conditions. Either the gall-stone is so

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the washing repeated as before. When, finally, the water returned clear

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exciting cause. It is true it is frequently produced

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doublv sure," a very tedious experiment I great surprise, as the hoof's structure then

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the spinal marrow is subject to yariation, and that hypersemia and

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Larval Hyperacidity. — Straus^ was the first to point out that symptoms

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Gaz., Detroit, 1887, 3. s., i, 77-82. Also, transl. : Gior. in-

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Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery: Surgery of the Hand & Congenital Deformities:

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A less extreme application of cold affects the tissues and nuclei

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being likely to bring together diseases corresponding not only in

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tion was never the extreme cut of Graefe ; these opera-

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simple and the other compound — wl)ich I have wired with

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dreaded of all this class of maladies. Whatever may be the cause of