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horse will be relieved of some of the pain, which is intense during

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Edinburgh Medico-Chirurgical Society. — December 5, 1900. —

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poison to others. Rabbits can eat belladonna, stramonium,

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and were due to associated massive intracranial injuries.

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She has lived chiefly in London, and latterly at Stratford.

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Monroe township; Dr. S. L. Montgomery, township; Dr. H. C. Paddock, 1912, Sandy

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denoted by the pulse and axillary temperature. Thus, of two cases in

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Assam, Upper Burma, Siam, Java, Batavia, and is extremely

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Mondeville gives a description of the anatomy of the heart

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febrile movements ; in short, by the symptoms of active cerebral conges-

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recognize a combination of carbohydrates with phosphorus, both for

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of the skin graft varied from 12 to 900 cm-. Biobrane was

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The disturbing evidence the Molinas report is the 42%

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nitrogenous constituent of the urine. Glycocoll is an example

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that he feared the Council would never be able to lay down a

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visit to " the waters " of Peterliead, while humbler people betook

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in print, and as the notices of it which have as yet appeared

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into solution we have an essentially normal tissue juice. It

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vations leave no doubt of the fact that tuberculosis

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agitated over a delusion of poverty, when in reality she was well-

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time as the right, passed through the same phases and discharged in the

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or irritation or setting up a discharge. It helps to heal at the

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the parts are much inflamed, at night simply a boric ointment.

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Adverse Reactions: Yohimbine readily penetrates the (CNS) and produces a