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ner, February, 1801, and died on the third day after his admission. When

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on small spurting points. Tin- lower end of a divided

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and we cordially endorse the Director-General's appreciation of

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In some cases, nearly all of the food taken seems to have been thrown

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Wernicke's acute superior polioencephalitis is known by its history,

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Our editorial colleague has received the details of a case of death

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periments—that is to say, he arranges and selects certain cir-

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eminent man and pious physician, the elder Hodge, that con-

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societies, and the charity department of the city government.

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influence of ether on Friday and the operation was performed.

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diseases, and we purpose in this review to sliortly indicate

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Fellows of the Massachusetts Medical i^dety, and those who have received the degree of M.D. are

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in one sense of the word, but if it is telescoijes that

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to its deadly influence, whilst the fifth made a narrow escape. During that

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undergone various modifications, if not in form at least

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x-rays (Coolidge tube): spark-gap ^ inch, milliamperage 25, distance 8 inches,

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borne out by the fact that it is more common in the male than in

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phetamines are with us in ever-increasing numbers. They

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Hospital and the University of Minnesota Health Service, due

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avoid an acrimonious discussion, which I, as much as any member of the Society, de-

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yellow fever. Like gastric hemorrhage, it may be vicarious of menstrua-

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and professional publication affiDrded at the present day, the wisdom or

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neuralgia is substantially cured; continue tonics. May 7th. Complains of

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Ilivinji lirouL^ht the fraj^ment- into apposition, this

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winter, and, as a rule, patients liable to attacks are always worse in cold

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a few nights ago, under the notice of the Surgical Society of Ireland,

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skin areas, which are subject to pressure, vary considera-

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gangrene are presented by diverse and manifold condi-

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for that perio<l, and reappearance of sexual appetite shortly before

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ease of the splanchnic nerve following a primary af-

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The immediate or exciting causes are very numerous. Strong

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Add to this unrest, the ^p^^itjlcal, ^/ipi^i^l^iid ^an|t^l7;fa^

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attended with a high fever, cerebral symptoms, intense headache and