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51 Opium, Alum.— Paralysis, Colic, Dysentery, Sterility.

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Solutions thus applied remain but a short time in contact with

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these cells are perfectly opaque, whilst others are almost colourless ;

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and characterized by an increased affinity for acid dyes, so that it

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palsy ; the onset of the paralysis may be preceded by subjective sensations

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some cases by a single layer, in others by several layers, of

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cells from the pelvis of the kidney are usually met with as described

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balanced as to render him unfit to give evidence afterwards. When this was

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intentions, 100 grams of lysol. When first seen she was uncon-

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the pelvis contains no fluid. The left kidney measures 41 mm. in

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and distinct extensor response on tickling both soles (especially

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the surgeon, in using it, can easily ascertain the location of its tip. The

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pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.

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athetosis. But both athetosis and " chorea spastica " are probably more

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happiness and elevation of mankind ; in the innumerable blessings

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heals under an ointment of turpentine and vaseline, one

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local affections distinguished as spontaneous do proceed from some geiier:d

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upon whose areolar layer tiie exudation is situated.

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the most medical students, 1,165 ; then Berlin, 1,093; Leipsic,

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through the finest cliannels or radicles at their periphery. Should

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him stubborn so that he will refuse to go when called upon. In-

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one of the cases of brain abscess referred to in this paper (p. 591) the

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where the permanent tension of the muscles prevents the ordinary

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instances, not recogniised, the patients have lived for considerable periods, the

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many symptoms and the faithful meeting of many indi-

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vestigate the beauty otform^ Here again, the metaphysicians

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The employment of bicyanide of mercury hypodennati-

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for the removal of waste material from the body for

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