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form of degeneration. This view of the danger of this

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thing of the International Medical Congress. This is a pleasure which might

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This is not all. It is possible that in some cases, in spite of its

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were more severe, and his scieams at night more fre-

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4. Although a very rare affection, oedematous elongation with prolapse of

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the disease. Such relative immunity might be conferred by the

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cases may be specially referred to in tiiis connection.

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1905. Abstract. Botanisches Centralblatt, bd. 99, jahig. 26, no. 41, p. 396.

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stupid dulness, lasting for a few minutes only, rarely longer. The patient

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bility. The most difficult form of insanity in which to de-

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THE first case that I wished to show this evening is a patient

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style, while the advisability of polishing his diction has evidently

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pounds; all hogs in just fair breeding condition, one-fourth less for size. The

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overnight, and no food taken in the meanwhile, a quantity of

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tendency to a radiary arrangement of the chromatin if of lymphade-

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It would ai)pear from the above facts that in some cases there occurs

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morphin also in myocarditis to prevent angina pectoris, or to lessen the

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bly, and equally on all parts of its circumference, and, with pulsation, felt as

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sputum to undergo the subcutaneous test. More recently I have

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.shilling piece, on the chest below the right collar-

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antikamnia, of which physicians as a rule may be uninformed. A five-grain anti-

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dilated, and presenting some slight appearance of mental derangement, which

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lations spring up between the degraded ones ; these also degene-

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40 to 60 centigrammes. Its action has appeared to me«to be equal

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without being strongly impressed with the fact that we have in diphtheria antitoxine

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having one open side of 4.15 square feet, was sealed by stripping all

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Elks — for the use of their hall — and the press,

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The experience of the writer confirms him in the belief

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The German Hospital is to be enlarged by a building to

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is laid on normal or abnormal gastric function. In case normal

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present in each of the preceding cases are very different. These symptoms-

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the elongated glands extend into the abdomen, so that