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press is removed as soon as it begins to lose its cold feeling, and a fresh one

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the horns and the forehead are hot ; the eyes are sunken, swollen

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and most of them nowadays assert that a large proportion of pelvic dis-

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designated at their respective residences in 1910 by hollow circles on

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written notification to the executive vice president

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reactions by the public. It is believed that if the

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(3) Deficient fat. (4) Deficient phosphorus. — ^It was Schaumann's idea that the

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that the innervation sense differs from the actual sensory function by

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been for the past fifteen years, more free from small-

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contraction in cooling which answers for such drainage

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formed, a half-inch of bone being removed throughout

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been much stretched ; tendon of the long head of the biceps permanently dis-

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horses agglutinates the Bacillus mallei in dilutions as high as 1 to 1600.

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favors infection, because precautions will inevitably sometimes be neg-

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his specialty of mental and nervous diseases until 1906 when he retired from

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thus far leaves the question of the value of nuclein treatment

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PTT of 62. An antinuclear antibody (ANA) and mixing

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done under cocain-anesthesia before perforation, shock,

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: were initially buried (n=17) and those whose catheters

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be increased enormously ; as it was harmless, no danger could

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Lancet to the contrary notwithstanding, and that they

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amputations after injury ; shoelc alone he dreaded as a

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Dutch physicians organized regular clinical instruction as part of the

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(tonsils, uvula, and the palatine arch) with considerable swelling of the

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the second case, however, the tubes were probably contorted before

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local infeotivity and the chronicity of eczema are chiefly

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carcinoma). Occasionally the islets of liver tissue are very pale (fatty