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down, griping and flatulence to a considerable extent. After this at-
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if the physician was a person of any fortune or rank, he
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be distinguished from it by the disappearance of the deformity
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tiation of this condition and cardiac dilatation. With smaller
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energv' is imparted to the functions of the body, thus enabling nature
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perature remains high, probably increasing somewhat, with morning
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tion and finally suppuration. The healing of the fracture wiU be
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Moseley, Charles H. Riley, and L. E. Neale, all members
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discharged. The symptoms which might reasonably be referred to them
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boiling water, and used as above. A nebulised spray of menthol dissolved
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I carefully opened up the tract and attempted with for-
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usual practice in the after-treatment. A piece of lint and a
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carried out I observed that it was unsafe to carry the salt suspen-
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leukemia; its absence does not indicate a lymphoid leukemia, as we
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accomplishment itself of the criminal act is the end and
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of eczema. The race proclivities are interesting. It is a well-known fact
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originated in an attack of colitis, the cause of which there was no
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ren thought was one which might be successfully treated by