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rectum with air during the introduction of the instrument and after it is in place.

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I used more than the usual precaution in making trac-

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there is involvement of peripheral nerve territories, loss of reflexes,

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instances they are peculiarly absent, while in others

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factory examination could not be effected until the sub-

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Fig. i2.-rracture of neck of The elevation of the foot from

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entitled -'Aie Conservative Amputations Always in the

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a , le § 1 offence - Glrl s who have passed this age are considered to be capable

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and problems involved in the manufacture of Camembert cheese and

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mittee. Reference committee size was changed perma-

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"The Inherited Predisposition to Tuberculosis," and Joseph

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is not quite right in saying that the greater the duration of this period the

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of the disc. The fundus presented generally a dull-reddish,

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due to the escape of the contents of the bowel along the side

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dent of Hamilton College; graduated from the Scientific School

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will indicate the value of this or that dietary. Mineral waters

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(d) Mention must also be made of the alleged occurrence of optic

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at a distance of only six miles in the open country those

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ventricular systole — the presystolic murmur of mitral stenosis; it may be

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These changes may be restricted, in the lungs, to the trachea and larger

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Lancet, Lond., 1899, i, 1718.— Ogata (T.) [Tbe serum

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After searching my record of one hundred new boys, taken consecutively,

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cording a full answer to each question, but most active factors. The following table