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For Two Years: H. P. Strong, P. Fox and G. F. Hunt.
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and on March 24th Dr. Knapp was called in and diagnosticated orbital (sub-
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obtained, it must be remembered that it is peculiarly prone to relapses.
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the morning, before breakfast, 150 gm. of grape sugar,
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in its thickness, as is shown in one of our experiments; in this
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dilatations may be fusiform or sacculated. The latter predominate,
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that the progressive growth in size in the hands, feet, and bones of the
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practical purposes, to begin with the stage subsequent to reaction ;
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d'hyg. et de demOL'. C. r. 1894. Bndain-st, 1896, viii, pt. 2,
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was found occluded by an organizing thrombotic process. Diag-
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cortical area and are more diffused than the terminals of the motor tract, it is
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Syphilis is caused by the Treponi ma pallidum, which
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harsh remedies, we might rely upon the local application of
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1 8. Gold BS, Young ML, Kinman JL, Kitz DS, Berlin J, Schwartz JS:
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carrying on this work the British Government passed an
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believed to be regenerated by a cell-growth within the saroolemma. These
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in the erect posture. This case is of very special interest, as it is
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of age, who for sixty-six of these years was known to have suffered
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appears, leaving in the place a mass of closely aggregated cells.