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during the first fifteen years, twenty per cent, were per-

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of typhus patients in some epidemics. It also gives us pause in accept-

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them a sort of pilot in the waste waters of disease, a

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consequence of breathlessness ; has dyspnoea on exertion.

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vascular response. If administered in considerable amount and in-

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Dr. Case is very skeptical as to whether or not we ever cure cancer

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When a lawyer misquotes the text of a law hook, he is in

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physifjue that occurs after the fortieth year, otherwise the comparison

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ring to various physiological phenomena, dwelling particularly on the function

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the case in peritonitis. After we have demonstrated the existence of

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later, followed by constant wakefulness, incessant talking, walking about

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after spontaneous micturition. Cystoscopic examination

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iodide of cadmium, which possesses a similar physiological

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insist upon it that Dr. Thomas fails to recognize a direct uretero-vaginal fistula

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showed a uniformly red color without any light space.

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ing motion in bed ; breathing free ; urine very light coloured. — E. Nu

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intestinal loop is extruded into the umbilical cord, where it

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lesterine, or to a diminished quantity of sodium salts

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indicated by the part affected; hence, what is com-

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when all the physical signs were present, when there could not possiM\

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unequally; the general experience is that in incomplete lesions, as

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more or less well represented in the London graph. This is not so in

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by James E. Doyle, Attorney General, State of Wisconsin

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If the alcohol drinker's brain were the constant and

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cording a full answer to each question, but most active factors. The following table

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of solids. His weight increased to eighty-nine pounds.

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to Miss Ferguson's report. Von Hansemann's " domestication " may

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riencing an immediate sense of well-being followed by

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much as possible. Naturally one turns to the bowels