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cular matter, often effecting a cure of the disease by nature, in the
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Begrnndnng der Systems der Homoopathiscben Heilkuntt. (ji«Meu«
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Among the rare occurrences in intubated cases may be mentioned
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Portaferry Dispensary, district, on October 20, 1866, by
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looked at objects sideways, and usually to the right ; in a third the
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Might we even dare to put this revealing treatise out in
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had since locating in Middletown. This seemed to be a providential
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military reasons, to have the duties of post surgeons per-
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section 51, there is a penalty on letting, without proper disin-
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phragm, and, in females, the suffering being increased by pressure upon
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Vere placed under homoeopathic treatment whilst the epi-
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phthisis. The facts which are yet in evidence seem most
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yet been explained, there being neither a lymph stasis nor a rupture of
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the method is none too good and the extra manipulation required
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H present Hospital so great that serious cases are naturally
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Dosage: One 25 mg. tablet one to three times daily.
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cine, January 9th, was not the whipping-post, as every
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In our own country, and England, and France, they are little confided
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and results from Halliburton's Physiology (4th ed.) : —
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them in the same manner. — Ed. Med. Journ., December, 1861, from Gazette
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extending backward from the point of opening. A cal-
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electric fluid on the human body sometimes closely resemble those produced
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special lines has advanced the science and art of medi-
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ering trials of substances being used against AIDS, ARC,
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been discontinued. {Arm. de Berlin Charity, ix., 1, 1860 ; Syden.
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Brit. M. J., Lond., 1896, i, 620.— Keyes ( \.) Vacianiiento
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pearance. The disease is communicated from one to another,
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ner\'e-cells. Fourth, acute parench}'matous and interstitial changes
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