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supposed to be a synonym of the European A. bifurcatus.

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back, the glutasi, and the other extensors of the thighs.

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by a cancerous infection derived from the part or parts primarily affected.

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own homes. Over two years ago the French Commission on tuber-

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15. Specimen of Dissecting Aneurism of the Aorta. Exhibited by

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from the middle line. It was about an inch and a half

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tions known to exist previous to the operation. The

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therapeutics of gravel (calculus) differs essentially from that

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Chlorogahim Pomeridiauimi, common soap root of Cali-

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and, if enjoined at the commencement of th^ attack, or before

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posterior position, we have seen that the occipital end lies against the

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little is known of its aetiology and differential diagnosis, and its treat-

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tubes. The urine is scanty and high colored ; there is sometimes scald-

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the injection of aleuronat-emulsion he obtained an exudate

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opinion whether the depressive action attains the same degree as after anti-

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Du role et des devoirs du medeciii-16giste dans Tes exper-

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of time, from the stillness of eternity, and felt its waters to chill his

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result was observed, for the streptococcus developed more readily on the

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municated with. He courteously replied that each six grains of the prep-

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There may be two or more pouches, with or without communication. This

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projecting tumors, having been well drawn down, were usually

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An Address in Medicine. Bjr J. H. Musser, M.D. Pamphlet.

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« loiirce of vitiation and debility, but it directly supports

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lung is of the greatest practical importance and of the greatest difficulty. We

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pairment of the cardiac mechanism, when the pulse is

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