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heal, new ones form ; these are succeeded by others, and thus succes-
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to an overwhelming septicemia, with infection of many
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Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine,
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this meeting. It seems to me that every physician in the state ought to be
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and is single (that is, there are no other nodules on the surface of the
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Case I. — Double Aneurism of the Thoracic Aorta. Sudden
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In the cases in which the blood was carefully examined after death,
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equal volume of alcohol, glacial acetic, or carbon disulphide.
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finger over the bony ridge, I could feel the foreign body, which was
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chickenpox, scarlet fever and diphtheria, "sometimes called
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plication of their nuclei, and later show marked granular fatty d^ener-
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Hutchinson (J., jun.), cases of abdominal section for intra-
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sitsujo.jiseki no oyo. [Use of magnet in ophthalmology.]
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infinitely varied as they are, not only affect the force or intensity of
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when, on a sudden, the hearthstone, which was broken in
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tion from the peritoneal cavity, and (c) by preventing the passage of
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in postgraduate study, will find exactly the courses he
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body. The assertion that in the above mode of life a larger amount
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Stockholm. [Explorations de refraction etfectuees dans
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saw once (Case YII.) some soft clots in the right heart. Cas-
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agent ; or, on the other hand, they may be evoked in a reflex manner
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from the retardation in the passage of the blood. Drunken-
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of the Rudolfinerhaus, Vienna. Translated, with the permission of the
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to remain at a stand-still or to progress by a series
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informing the patient of the possible result, and I am
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of the muscles of the nose produces dilatation of the nostrils ;
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offered, both as regards analysis and diagnosis." The book