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necessary in the treatment of the case. It did not appear that this bleeding

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He states that about the first of May last, having a pig badly

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Diphtheritic Nephritis. — Professor Joseph Fischl read before the

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Considering the fact that during the last three months of 1894 and the

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given, the antimony, whether it causes vomiting or not, affording

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phate of lime would change the colour of Brazil wood to blue, it does

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thirty-eighth week and secured 91.7 per cent, of living

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through the scrotum ; then make the point retrace its course,

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Fig. 4. Section of the liver from a guinea pig inoculated with the organism

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observation it is well known that an evident rubbing sound may in some cases

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and constitutional symptoms described as abdominal shock.

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fluids, save in so far as those of water may tend to relieve the

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principles of their methods as described in the "Com-

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vention, and there is no injustice in attaching his name,

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ing pneumonia, it should be borne in mind, that it is an inflam-

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ions. They must state the facts within their knowledge

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failed to receive his hearty sympathy and affectionate aid.

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is used for inoculation. When smallpox material is inoculated in the

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petition. We, who are the most loyal subjects of the Empress

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removal of this disease, and must upon all occasions demand the

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der the able editorial conduct of Dr. Rosweil Park.

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in hysteria, touch, pain, heat, and cold are absolutely coterminous ; whereas

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premature, application of the forceps. No more striking instance of

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point where it passes into the precuneus, caused loss of sensation

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three words into a conversation held between Old Major Pendennis,

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the foetal pulse was distinct, and the mother's con-

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the instruments may be boiled in hot water a few moments or immersed