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the originating, directing, and controlling mind of this work,
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hepatitis ; the second, hepatitis gummosa ; and the third, waxy, amyloid,
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others to the digestive organs as its source, so we are now disposed
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structure of the vesicle (referred to at pages 229 and 267). In
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that some difference ought to be made. (See cases in Alison, p 653 )
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frightful pain and passing constantly thin foul smelling dis-
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however, he attributes to a congenital uterine deformity in his
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made by contrasting cases of excision of the knee-joint with amputations of
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opium wash to the inflamed integument, which had been prescribed the
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The patient was five miles in the country, and I was not
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Phenoltetraehlorpkthalein is a drug which is excreted by the
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believe such an extreme measure is justifiable even in an early case.
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the li^i'mato-crystalHne has become coagulated, and we must
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22 *A Plea for Uniformity of Technic In Wldal's Reaction. Ran-
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and fungating base, Avas found to occupy the position of the biliary
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repeatedly noticed. A description of this unpleasant symptom, given by
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>^^«t^^ t'T>'-/ ""vir' ..... •••; •I'a "•■."^"» ■' '^' •• • * ;"7» *; • • -»j.»^-' . •■ •
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1 would venture an opinion that we have a recurrence
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to milk, bouillon and eggs. The baths caused immediate cessa-
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Treatment. The treatment of the affection must be very energetic.
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filter for the army.] Voyenno-med. J., St. Petersb.. 1896,
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in an instant, caused the deepest sympathy and a just commo-
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▲ Milwaukee Sanitarium { ? CTia “' ic progr “ m l of superior care . custodial services