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ditis in man were examined by Dr. Wyssokowitsch. In
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bined efforts of ourselves and of our large corps of Agents, we
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and FriedenwakP in a similar study found 43 per cent febrile. In
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the lungs and pleura. From one or other, or from all these causes, death
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the disease, and occurred on a form in the petty sessional
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all, any such wonderful success. Of 18 patients, 6 died: a very
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becomes dark brown or even black. The color is not due to the indoxyl
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much submucous infiltration. I reported the results of an analysis of 23
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tensive rupture of posterior part of womb; the hemorrhage slight. Died at
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thread-like peduncle, which seemed to spring from the posterior surface
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there is one matter upon which I beg the indulgence to make a few re-
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pruritus. Many "mild cases," as related by de Brun, "were led to seek
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parallel glass plates can be gradually approximated, so as to compress an inter-
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the renal surface to the middle of the posterior border and thence along
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He points out that the employment of all sorts of anH-
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more than average ability and intelligence, realizing fully their condition,
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how common, is signified by its prevalence without any
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malaria, when it is known as " haemoglobinuric fever." It appears only
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tissue arranged in bundles, which interlaced and gave it
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these things, who once did not trouble themselves with them,
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chorea came on. In the former case, the irregular move-
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ment and decide as to the age at which it should be
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posed uterus back into its place ; everything conspires to
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They made no mention of the use of the caloric test.
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in various diseases and in various parts of the body
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appear above the transverse colon, and in a few instances behind it. A
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when she had such a severe one that she sent for Dr. Wilson,
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bacterium grows slowly at the bottom of the test-tube in the form of a
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Davy reported to the Royal Institution that he had tried the
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The " alienists and neurologists" find themselves between
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> A PhrenologiH amongii the Todas; or, the Stud^ of a IS^iUve Tribe in
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lium is injured, clotting of the blood takes place, fibrin is
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even find other names if you seek for them, but by all of
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Board of Works has granted an extension of twelve months to-
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The toxic effect of tobacco vapor and its treatment
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I learned that children and adults, even if they partici-
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that of the fingers, like the thumb in the ape. Owing to paralysis of
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in chronic pancreatitis, while in achylia gastrica normal values were
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trated with a good selection of old wood-cuts and many new ones. The