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disintegrated complex substance. It is produced by a
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tients and physicians. The interview style and terminology
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The deposit of the urate of soda in the uriniferous tubes, in cases of gout,
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great thirst by frequent demands for ice-water. Incoordination
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bendini; backw.ird at an ani^le of 4") from tlie very slender
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warm, desquamation has come on, and the secondary sore-
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Alfred Shepherd, M.D. — Medical men are often subjected to annoying
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may be prevented from inversion except by its own contrac-
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cephalic, with tendency to parallelism of anterior and posterior planes — that
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Case 19. -May, 1912: S. 11., aged 33; 3-para ; retroversion, possarj- no good; menor-
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i?ammatone di Genova. Lavori d. Cong, di med int. 1892,
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be said. I believe that whatever is useful for scrofula in
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useful where an electroscope is not obtainable; they are, however,
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the circulation that the tissues are no longer properly nourished, and
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'^ Mannaberg, J., The malarial parasites. A description based upon observa-
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electricity, etc., the paretic state all the while increasing,
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the kidney — the uriniferous tubes — and is essentially a renal
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from the whole subscription fund would suffice for, to do any good to
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"The hospitalization measure is at once absurd and clearly a vio-
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pressed in diopters and as measured externally. You will
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A glass-making firm by an egregious blunder of a clerk
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bacilli produced from the spores is relatively small. The vege-
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surface. The condition is also present on the side of the neck in the
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racy were not substantiated. England and Wales were
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• The dose of the bark is from one to two drachma
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Hence the erythremic serum may exert a hemolytic influence
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Hanna,"^"' while in India in 1900, examined the V)lood of domestic pij^eons
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for some time labouring under great mental depression. His
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years of age, and I gave him adult doses according to the directions on
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well disposed towards us and our profession (and there are
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come as much as ever ; base in, I have gone as high as 10°, but
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Public Institutions, provided they are not unduly favoured
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culpably careless as to the two prime necessities — («) of pro-
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drinking cold liquids, or by eating acid fruits, and speedily af-