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progress may be greatly retarded by proper treatment. In

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and purging, occurring in quick succession, and recurring either simulta-

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and then goes on to speak of what would probably be the physical signs,

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as specific as that of Oalcarea in the incurvation of the

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tion of a four-year high school course. (J) One year's work of college standard, which year must include instruction in Chemistry, Physics, rfloloer and

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occur are diflScult to account for. One of my patients had repeated

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carried out I observed that it was unsafe to carry the salt suspen-

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to be of that character had it not been that Jlr. Purris, in

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dressings. Under the microscope, however, the tissue was

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Mr Arthur Robinson, M.D., F.R.C.S.Ed., Professor of Anatomy,

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spot, with a constant tendency toward a shifting of the site.

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nose, the larynx, or the bronchi). The germ shows little tendency to spread

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when for the first time she complained of burning jiains in the bowels,

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they are often paralyzed when the arms are not, and that they frequently

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the possibility of the organ becoming the seat of malignant

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pendicularly through the centre of the plane of the superior strait,

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Guy's Hosp. Gaz., Lond. ,1898. xii, 33(i-338.— Tachard (E.)

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inspiration. By comparing the undulatory movement on the two sides

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rant had been tielached, and was now in a state of atrophy.

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uric acid is itself the toxic agent, that it by a local action as uric acid

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nation of the dejecta for the cholera vibrio. Until the examination is

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Between the years 1875 and 1884 the mortality from the same

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each other ; and how disease originating in either of these vital

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Other towns, such as Bristol and Liverpool, became great centres where

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It had been said, '' Given a case of deformity at the brim