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piccole. Ann. di ottal., Pavia, 1894-5, xxiii, 210-221. — San-

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tion of the bowels, tenesmus, and a highly irritable state of

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cidal remedy will be found which will as effectually rob scarlet fever of

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and insensible. The child now seemed dull and apathetic, making

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gangrene present hazy infiltration, while bronchiectasis shows

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change their wearing apparel. As to the third question, it was answered in

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afterwards repeated. These nurses live in the closest daily and

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Whereas, government interference in the practice of

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^ Forde, R. M., The Journal of Tropical Medicine, September 1, 1902.

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In 2 cases it could not be determined whether the ball had re-

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bloodvessels, imparting a healthy clearness to the complexion, and preserv-

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lemon juice, for drinks; with milk, farinaceous pud-

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ovarian disease. It is to be differentiated from perinephritic abcess.

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longed discussion. Professors Buchner, von Ranke, and

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trough or pail, and seemed attempting to swallow, but at once

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In children the range is generally betw^een 40 and 50. INIusser saw a child

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pharyngeal tonsils, we have constantly present a surface of greater or

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region, of the inferior part of the jaw, were considerably swollen; there

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phine, Paris, or at Mr. Young's, cutler, North Bridge, and Mr. Kemp's, Infirmary

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Cufting [cover with printed title! /rom ;, Par.,

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thwaite, of this city, at the Annual Banquet of the

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move from our midst our friend and colleague, James Bradbridge Hun-

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Another lady stenographer, who also attended the same phone,