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the right auricle becomes dilated, and the general venous sys-

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present in an extreme form difficulties which belong in a less degree to all

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well, the bile beginning to flow on the third day and

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It had a few spasmodic contractions of the muscles, but no convulsion ;

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ing inherited some money, and sought a more desirable

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of a general sclerosis of the thyroid in cases of tuberculosis in which

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talis, coffee, tea, or alcohol), the second, a disease of the myocar^

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patient made a rapid recovery, without the development

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The difKculty between the United States and France does not seem

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certainly an interesting one, and no doubt would be more so were there time

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Mr. Brodhurst briefly records a case in this paper in which the

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the senior medical officer of the command. If he has been super-

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of children have been examined. In children who have been pinched and

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lunatics can be placed in one or other of these categories, or, indeed, that

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same opening may be made repeatedly during a single sitting,

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kingdom, I do trust my medical friends will not shrink

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Smith, Charles C, Esq.. Consulting Surgeon to the Suffolk General

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The value of arsenic in this disease is, I think, analogous to that of iron in

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Frederick A. Fickardt, M. D., Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children.

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The alcohol decreases synthesis of glutathione, in addition to which the alcoholic’s life-style

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cans cannot afford long term care insurance with low


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filtered. Vide Half-yearly Compendium of Medical Science, Part L, January, 1868.

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while it is rarely seen after the menopause in women, it

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does in extrauterine pregnancy. I have now under ob-

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•which go under the title of asthma. This word is commonly

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■ bgature, in consequence of its being soft and of a yielding nature, will not

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i)een known to rise to 104^ Fahr. The muscles of the bod}'

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by a change of posture. One may say, as a general rule, that the effects

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the day after entering the house, the left tonsil was excised

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I cannot, however, agree with him when he answers, no, to the question —

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two instances in which the relative counts were 60 and 62 per cent.,