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scious. On admission, it was found that the left side of

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nature of the fluid, believing, from the symptoms that ushered in

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for the longest time and on which so much work has been done.

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cathartic drug, in small doses, steadily preserved in, will often

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tions, in that it is, so far as has been ascertained, destitute of nerves or nerve-

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such as COPD, COPD with acute exacerbation, chronic

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rendered unnecessary by rapidly raising the general

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in an approximately similar manner. In order to obtain further infor-

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an hour to an hour in duration. Ten cases in all had been

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to be owing in a great measure to the increase in the

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(J.) Nippon kakkio aeito .sliikeku keu.sei sojuku. | Report

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until a certain maximum quantity had been reached or the respiration

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Merriman has mentioned a case in which " the uterus was so

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cally, and particularly of the type of cerebral spastic paralysis, are of

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ki'op up without increase or diminution the required degree of phy-

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water from twelve to twenty-four hours, alike in Avinter as in summer,

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With these unimportant exceptions, the aldehyde re-

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He had the small-pox, was pronounced dead, and his body was put into a coffin

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not allowed to flatten or modify the form of their infants' head.s, that

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and thickened, and too large at their insertions ; the cord®

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7th. Finally, rmniiing may produce dilatation of the pupils, cause the insen-

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which I have not seen recorded. It is that in at least

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Professor Yarnell, who had visited the Parisian abattoirs,

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Aneurism of the Aoiia. — Me. Soies exhibited the heart, lungs, and

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Experiments on Animals. — All attempts to produce typical

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encircling the neck. A portion of the abdominal wound was closed by silver-

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that Gannon's fever, in its first form, is not reconcilable to any known

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cautery. The edges of the sac were secured with forceps and sponges introduced. Slight

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(49) Bartlet, 14th Ann. Rep. Maine Agr. Exp. Stat., 1898, 114-117.

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duces his efficiency, and militates against his health and happiness, and it

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Dr. Bbandeis was a little astonislied at the views entertained

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connection with Mohammed, yet it has never been received as an

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from each other oulj- in modern times. West retained

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deaf. He had overlooked these symptoms until his attention was

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the common acceptation of the term — ^it is rather an