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* In Port Elisabeth, Cumb. Co., N. J., of Cholera, Benj. Fider, M. D., est. 85.
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excellent results, and it is advisable in cases in which the syphilids yield un-
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rather a wide-spread evil at the present time tending to degrade the
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either of the hip- or of the knee-joint. In doing so it cannot be my in-
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nities for observation, by the late Professor N. Chapman, of Phil-
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badly lacerated perineum restored, and called on number i and asked
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fectly in summer as in winter. Raynaud found in one case the coex-
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fingers cannot palpate the disturbed area. Inhibition over
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a , le § 1 offence - Glrl s who have passed this age are considered to be capable
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ticing physician, I must frankly say that a great deal of
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office, in connection with public works, etc., in the Colonies.
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gation into the antecedents of my patients, the conditions
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2. Cells containing no oxydase ferment and specifically stained
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with paragraph 512a, will be stated and will be deducted from the
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anxious to flee from it, in proportion as our facilities are aug-
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on the assumption, which I think has been clearly proven, that there
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matter of fact, none of these patients have yet been
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indigestible substance, is likely to disa^ee with some invalids
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viewed that point in a paper on "Railroad Injuries," read
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exhaustive study and personal research into the higher prob-
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sterno-mastoid about its centre, and tie the external jugular vein,
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been in all our daily papers, and as space is precious, it is un-
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rarely associated, exclusive of the cases in which pulmonary lobules in the
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exhaust fans. Bath-rooms and well-farnlsbed tollet-rooms are on
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\lllir "^ ^1 °r • ^'"t^ *^"^'« °" " »« ^^1' "'' O" "''»«t ; and
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The corner of the mouth could be slightly depressed
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manner, doubled with the head and feet together in a prostrate
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have marked important changes in our views regarding the
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hemato-myelo-porus, of perforating haemorrhage in the cord, with the
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quite certain this was a recurrence. The cord was red and its
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was again as noisy as ever; at 7 p.m. he is given .25 more, making .50 of
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24 hours after the administration of the test dose, all died of plague,
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The Institution has its Chemical and Bacteriological Laboratories.
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divisions may be used, an error of 0.1 cc. altering the result by only
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canal ; and these are practically unanimous in their favour. Dr. Otis gives