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spite of a persistent effort to regulate the patient's diet and hygiene,
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decided, notwithstanding his age (forty years), to devote himself entirely
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drachm is administered, but each succeeding dose was increased by half a drachm or a
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onset of nephritis, or illness in another child who has been in com-
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Alfred Webb-Johnson, president of the Royal College
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within the first two weeks ; one on the fifth day, and
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the femur, measuring an inch and six-tenths in thickness, was sawn off; a
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nal section, the abdomen is thoroughly washed out with
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chlorid solution or one of the alkaline coal-tar creosotes. The water-
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size, nearly filling the abdomen, and extending to the apex of the cavity
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This is a book, of Avhich not only the author and publisher, but
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Varicocele is an unnatural dilatation and hypertrophy of the
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The left lung was perfectly healthy, containing no trace of ab-
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the Medical Piofession, that from diflercnt quarters voices are calling for
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crease in price would have been more than compensated
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but later takes a cyHndrical shape, and when the spores have become detached,
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seven wonders of the world, were it not so common,) the capacity
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the histories of 3,000 .soldier.s of the German Army who were
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thirst and distressing vomiting, the bowels even obstinately
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His journey, as his son relates, was made by easy stages in a post-
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tuberculosis, as in the performance of the rite of circumcision. RaveneP
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utterly concealed, a variability which can be known only
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jections each during the past two years, were detailed,
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The First-Tune Parent Mentor Program zvill initially serve Bayfield County families, and eventually, expand to Ashland
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The annual meeting of the Trempealeau County Medical Society was held