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and for small, repeated hemorrhages emetin hydrochlorid may prove of ser-
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a. Degeneration of ganglion cells in tho anterior horns. In
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reported, due to an organic deficiency in the part of
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molded a suspicious into a frank case of appendicitis.
fractures at the base of the neck "get well anyhow, wit
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accepted as a principle in medicine. A system making such
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solitary tubercles of the proliferative type and undoubtedly ex-
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the exciting cause may not proceed from hay. We meet occasionally with
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Some interesting examples of the recurrence of the cartilaginous
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crest of the hip down the limb. It is made worse by exercise and
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8 years — in all, 99 years, almost a century of hospital practice.
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sarcomata are occasionally found in the retro-peritoneal tissue ;
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stage — that of collapse — which Di\ Gull directed attention to
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a purplish red color and mottled appearance, and were more dense and congested with blood
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spontaneous whitlows and necroses of the phalanges, and lateral curva-
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they are spicula, sequestra, tissue, clots, mucus, or food
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plan of taking nourishment by enemas, to which she assented. A half-
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he absorbed 660 grammes of oxygen. The sleep of man, there-
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out the extent of expansion which can be determined by the descent
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more serious consequence when associated with the last
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