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The perforating ulcer of the velum is the ordinary form

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Books for reviews, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be

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klin. Wchnsclir., 1891, xxviii, 39. — Kohlhaas ( M. )

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tapping or ovariotomy; (tZ) cystic fluid left in the peritoneal

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der be intended in this way, it could not be insured,

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3. As trusses are furnished under special legislation,

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to various devitalizing influences. 1 will not take up the time

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method of healing, depends entirely upon this one factor, the vitality of

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of the brain and spinal marrow; and so also diarrhoea, which

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At page 380, an interesting examination of the connection

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of the pyramids. Holt says, basing his remarks on 1000 autopsies,

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localities infected with the poison of yellow fever." Dr. Drake, how-

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cases. He should have directed attention to the cases in which the shoulders

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the improvement in the drainage it has become one of the

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taken to make them into the skin, and not into the tumor.

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block, though it may sometimes be tried when the heart-block is

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ing also the large veins of the upper extremities (brachial vein and

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of those under whose care they are, both as regards diag-

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work on Disorders of Speech is by far the most thoughtful and suggestive

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and Bromidia is administered in half to one drachm doses.

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(2) pulmonary ; (3) intestinal catarrhal ; (4) rheumatic.

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lead us not to commit our minds unreservedly until suffi-

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reported at this meeting in favor of erecting a building for

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to distinguish the affection, as described by Sydenham, from a hysterical

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are braided by the sense-organ into an image, and at this juncture pass

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■ ith tlio functions of the lung which depend in part on the integrity

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management in vogue in previous times. In this paper the endeavour has

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coma are bat the results of urssmic poisoning, con-

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he was called to see on account of a deep-blue, almost black, discoloration of

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indebted to Dr. Bellingham. It woiild be recollected that in a

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sent, the tendency to which we have alluded is unquestionably