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Frankford Asylum," contains some important facts, which, to the physiolo-
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the spinal canal and obtained the same constitutional
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the tricuspid orifice. As there was no history of previous
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For instance, a man he had seen became comatose and
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according to the size and locality of the degeneration, so that the disease
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action of medicinal substances, such as mercury, iodine, bromine,
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the injection of aleuronat-emulsion he obtained an exudate
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advantages and disadvantages may be briefly summed up as
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motion and power over the extremity which the man possesses. He
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regular, less scanty and less painful. Should conception occur, the cure
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were going through his body, and that some evil-disposed persons
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on the bottle. The hose was placed in my mouth so that I could
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plished by a peculiar arrangement of that part of the pulpit on which the Bible is
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synonyms, since both terms appear in some passages interchange-
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Officers of the County fledical Societies of North Carolina.
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knowledge would be of the greatest interest and value. Curiously
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Under such circumstances I would hesitate to resort to the resection of the
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by a central door, and there was no fireplace in any one of them. A brazier of
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long as there is a chance of saving the pregnancy. Enemata of
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He was sent to Margate. Mr. Holmes remarked on this case
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diathesis ; and not only is there a deposit in the cartilage, but
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plication; and it places in a very clear light, the important fact,
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nal surface, it seemed for the purpose of facilitating the play of the tendon, and
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such disasters — often very grave mischief indeed ; and more than once he had to
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Asiatic cholera. Its intimate nature and origin, are un-
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representative body of scientific men in America this list of names
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so that patients, who have supposed themselves well of their disease,
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ously contributed by the ladies of Oil City, Pa., through
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as much as a quarter of an inch. Too often the whole
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let any of the solution remain in. It should be dis-
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