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and physician at that time, each confining himself to his own

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weakness and cardiac disease, but sudden and alarming spasms of dyspnoea

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of insane persons, which were strikingly confirmatory

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in 1909 now possesses less infective power and lends itself to obser-

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ciated movements may be present : for example, on forcibly flexing one

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" atypical " diseases, as " biliousness," " nervous dys-

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pain in both wrists, right elbow, both knees, and left ankle. The knee-joints

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1 Scale of charges of Municipal Sanatorium at Bridlington 'Y

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aware that it has been successfully employed in tetany (page 616.) Both these

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relates to measures to prevent deterioration of the mental faculties. In

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people who eat slowly require and consume less food than those

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there were both a diastolic and a systolic bruit, and

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bridle. The tail of the saddle horse is cut of a middling

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nized to i',. pullorum or B. sanguinarium contained agglutinins i<>r five

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A perusal of the chapter which he devotes to the treatment

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phid, and A.ssi>t;uit Surgeon Isaac Smith, Jr., U. S. Marine Hospital, New Orleans, La.

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to go to the privy, was there delivered unconsciously or unexpectedly ; that

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nal for March, 1824, and the Philadelphia Journal of Medical

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Dr. C. N. Dowd said that after osteotomy above the femoral condyles he had

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forms of the disease the colon takes on more or less of constriction,

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zinc adhesive plaster strips 12 inches wide is useful. Intra-

Here and there is a wisp of fibrin due to spontaneous clotting. The

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and pustules, perforated by hairs, generally in bunches of ten

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be distinguished from it by the disappearance of the deformity

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interested in the subject should read Dr. A. E. Garrod's paper on

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In this manner a wound, usually regarded as of a very serious character, was

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which your committee have no knowledge; one caused by ' dysphagia,

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the lesions which exist in the majority of cases, viz., t

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The effect of electricity upon hysteric pain has been

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and got up a severe cough, the sutures held, no leakage

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Clifford and Cole have said, the asphyxiated new-born

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For the purposes of measurement these injuries may be