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tea is used to excess ; all forms of excitement, including sexual indulgence,
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When, however, the process is unilateral and localized to one base and
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The therapeutical applications of this preparation are impor-
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the evacuations, she had a bilious discharge from the bowels, without
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risk, which, although he may deem it problematical or even
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bulging. There is a very apparent area of ptdsation, five centi-
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the matter can be explained. Very numerous and carefully made
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be that the stapes was discovered by both Ingrassius and Eustachius, each
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PDeumatometry in Disease. — Dr. Louis Elsberg read a
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of bacteria stimulates the development of these bactericidal
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ing the tooth, it frequently happens that, if the injury be not quickly
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May 26, no medicine ; in the evening a slight return of the pain
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Thus in Case 6 of the following Table II we find the cardiac dullness
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close by any of the simpler methods of cure which may
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employs iodide of potassium occasionally. — London Medical Record^ March 15,
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third of that provided in Voit's standard, it appeared as if there
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blood, for diminished alkalinity is due to increased oxidation ; but
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poorer class of tradespeople are liable in the houses of their parents.
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losis of the joints of the little and ring fingers with simple atrophy of the
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a diploma from a reputable college granting a degree of
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perhaps as astonishing to the professional man as to the lay reader.
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affected with so-called myocarditis. Among 433 women there were 23
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Excitants of attacks. — In idiopathic epilepsy attacks usually occur with-
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object situated to the right of one of those lines is projected to
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ting), or a relapsing epididymitis or permanently irritable
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cases of sarcoma and seventeen cases of carcinoma by
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tion of the ninth pair the tongue is thrust between the teeth
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continues some time before exudation appears in the urine, and
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in water, the solution filtered and evaporated to i its original