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The diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment differ in no way
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as usual. Using Gabbett's method, they are stained for ten minutes
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condition. In pichi we have a never-failing remedy for cystitis both in the acute and
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at your own men. Pills and bullets are blind, and therefore wound
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In several cases there were also aneurysms of the other
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preciated long ago that there was some kind of a tendency
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ScorSi« scwpha -In this fish the poison apparatus is said to
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The wound was comparatively slight, and there was no
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bicarbonate of soda, and in the other 25 gr. of tartaric acid (or
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of the very rich circulation of the skin of the scalp it is
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case of fracture of the upper third of the left femur
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tirils ; the tapes may be fastened about the ears, or they may be re-
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bilication is always present. The cases at the State Colored College
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The third part of this little monograph contains some interesting calculations
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Toledo Medical and Surgical Reporter^ April, 1904, certainly seems
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always been considered as enjoying good health; his
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patient, and sometimes disagrees with the skin. The oint-
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product (exudation) may be formed in the connective tissue about
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paralysis from aural disease, ear closed from adhesions
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of aphasia (with localization in the left anterior lobe) had been
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most important branch of the economy, the influence of the
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He does not say that aU troubles of the ear in children
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ceedings of the medical societies organized and attended
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of the nail, with the added features that ulceration is apt to occur
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beneficial results ; 3, had had no personal experience
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(3) Continuative. — No system of education which does not ensure
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the pain by their weight. Quinia, camphor, and opium were
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So ; temperature, 99-^^° F. Patient had vomited once