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In the later treatment of very chronic cases strong parasiticides

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being removed before cooking. The sour wines are not

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out, together with high irrigation of the rectum, cured these

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pointed out, that by using a sufficiently large plate a skiagraph of the

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among the inhabitants of the town, the disease was exclusively con-

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all, any such wonderful success. Of 18 patients, 6 died: a very

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When the patient had only a few grammes of sugar in the urine, he had practically none

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place to an abstract from it at the risk of being considered

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in attenuated form or in small numbers, and the cells

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experiments undertaken by Signor G. Sanarelli, who found that

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next morning with a severe frontal headache. Many find that the

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antikamnia, of which physicians as a rule may be uninformed. A five-grain anti-

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Coleman, Thomas D., M.D., Professor of Medicine in the Medical Depart-

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ments are worthy of quotation : " No departure from the

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of no calculation, but the money value of each life lost can be

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after which he again resided in London with his brothers,

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be procured. Its special influence is independent of its operation as an

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as it stands now, is really a marvel: first of all, it is

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recorded one case in which thej^ appeared to he healthy until the micro-

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free of ketone. Bicarbonate of soda had not been given. The

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in active haemorrhages, in many cases of dropsy, in

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phosphates increased. On the other hand, an increase in the relative

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the full, and resisting pulse, that is always observed, until sweat-

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length of time between exposure and attack may be greatly pro-

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view regarding the operation of two agents, the one

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Complications and Sequels. — The complications are not numerous

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that they usually occur on the gall-bladder side of the bulbous, and the cap