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the appetite returns, the question of feeding is an important one,
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chamber, except a dark screen before one window. The floor
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Lond.. 1899-19cM, xv, 181-lh9.— Carstcii,'* (.J. H.) three
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of cases where cerebral influence is cut off, with the re-
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use I must say that I can not see how you give so much for the money.
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recommendable that the inoculation of animal lymph should
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rent as to cause a spreading of the same and thereby
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The connections are made by hinge-joints, as in Jaquet's sphygmograph, Model I
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solstice. This lack of sunshine may not only be true of the
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cidar meningitis. He turned attention to the cow, which,
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stage, and so far as Dr. Crocker's experience has carried him, it
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been restudying Devergie's pityriasis rubra pilaris, asserted (1889) that
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Right arm, 18 in.; left, 12 in. — April 2lHt. Arm re-
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staff members seek to take deliberate advantage of their
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families in crowded quarters, and had found children suffer-
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Under this title four unusual cases are described. The first
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Harry Walker of the Medical College of Virginia used
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temperature was A. M., 101 degrees; P. M., 102 to 102^ degrees.
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by the fact that incipient cases can be cured by muscular move-
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Dr. George W. Koeppel, Milwaukee, has been appointed an
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who brings about pestilences and fevers. Luther believed
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Items of progress in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery. Each item in the judgment of a panel of knowledgeable
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act 0"0822 sec, for the contraction alone 0'01776 sec, and for
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tids, lymphadenoma, and ossification are found post mortem;
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upon thrombosis of the cavernous sinuses, '1 r. Opbtli.
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typhoid fever was discovered by Eberth, whose researches were later confirmed
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M any professional opinions which he gives in the witness-box should be
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