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that is, that the symptoms and the disorganization are both

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where it does not; thus the sensibility of the conjunctiva, and

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to the trigeminal motor nucleus (Af.F.). At the caudal ex-

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son ; its prevalence in marshy situations ; the absence of the cause when

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current information of the month, with Clinical Lectures and Hospital GleaninifH.

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liad in four cases met with adhesions of the vagina produced by

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and, in endeavoring to judge of their respective merits, it is to be borne

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regards sequels. As a rule, important sequels do not occur. A peculiar

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which enters into the composition of the mitral valve. In a large propor-

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for, or otherwise, and, if indicated, in determining the amount of blood to

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ligamentum teres was very red, but the intensity of colour was

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fect foetus was injected, from whence the injection passed readily

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tween the paroxysms. The intermission is the distinctive feature of this

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in both affections is liable to occur beneath mucous and serous membranes,

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should not be employed for this object if, aside from the object, the mea-

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During the progress of this affection, a sudden attack of coma is liable

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first moment of her applying at the dispensary, and other active

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ing the right forearm and hand. The forearm is deficient from

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pediluvia may be employed if the extremities be cool, and ever3'thing con-

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absence of the eruption and of the characters wiiich are distinctive of

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effaces or diminishes the shortening of the luxated linib. 5th. Jn

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ment varies considerably in ditt'erent cases. The duration of this stage is

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thor, have postponed the preparation of this new edition beyond the period expected. The notes

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A spasmodic affection of the muscles engaged in the act of writing has

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lation of the somatic nerves (sciatic, saphenous) is produced

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some time prior to its occurrence. It has been supposed that the aura

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nience be consolidated into the following statement: although re-

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pe-al female The whole chapter upon the nianaf^enient

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or the doctrine which attributes diseases to organic entities, arises from

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number of cases fatal from the coexistence of capillary bronchitis, diph-

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fact that it is sometimes of transient duration, seem to warrant an affirma-

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17) demonstrated for the first time this silver-impregnated mesh,

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so the plants must be associated, without any reference to their

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to be embraced all which are characterized by S3'mptoms denoting great

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ment. With our present knowledge, little is to be expected, beyond pallia-

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especially with reference to urea. If urea be notably deficient, uraemia is