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for the relief of the patient. The principal object is the prevention of
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our country in relation to other States, and our position as one
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" (6) That the proper dose with which to begin treatment is one
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cases have up to the present time been published in
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point of fracture, entrance evidently right anterior surface of thorax. July 12,
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Does compression exist ? And if so, what is the nature of this com-
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The views of the French school of dermatologists are entitled to
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propounded two questions, namely, — (1.) Is the lesion due to
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ally injected. This injection terminated abruptly on the articular
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the Federal, State and local governments underwrite the
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tures may rupture and set free in the body cavity great numbers of
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observation so far stands alone. On the other hand, tlie theory of
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such a condition often exists is well known and the
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P. A. Khmelevsky, 2 of St. Petersburg, after prolonged
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mechanical irritation on the uterus." The facts ujeniioued
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stop at symptoms, nor does it reason by analogy, but it recommends that
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evaluate proposed rate increases and provides input to
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other of Seguin's at 42.8®, both recorded by the latter {Thermometry^
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