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n»medy is much employed, and highly valued by the intelligent
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against the larynx, and passed upwards and downwards-
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the treatment of nervous disetLses which may lie at all obslinale^ until
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International subscril:>ers should add $2.50 to regular
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fainlnesSf palpilalions, nervous cough, and all the protean derangements
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leaves in a pint of boiling water, and the maceration continued till it
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Many individuals assume that low environmental temperature
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fall of rain is less, the number of dry days are fewer, and the
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separate these impurities, which would unfit the gas for use, it should
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the animal principle referred to. The part which iron acts in the
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tendency to dangerous internal congestions, as of the brain or lungs* and
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cacious is a temporary abstinence from food, or a reduction of its quan-
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to the belly, in cases of flooding from the uterus.""" It is ap-
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geously resorted to, when the bleeding vess<>ls are too small to V>€
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arises from its descent towards the north, exposing it to the
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The powder is dark and oily, and bears no inconsiderable resemblanee
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and afterwards to wait a quarter or half an hour, before they
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Tepid Bath. — The tepid bath is generally of a tempera-
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3. Strain RIA could be isolated from the tissues of infected ani-
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capacity of the air for water being lessened by the alteration
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