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greater importance, it has taught us the agents for its
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pitiable means to the end ! It is plain that it was all
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Stoner, G. W., surgeon, leave of absence for five days from November
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3. A hemorrhage occurring some hours after delivery may be
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Case 4 was a na^vus of the upper eyelid, very similar to Case 1,
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cases, with immediate and complete cure in fifteen.
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(f) If not, to which should the greater importance be attached?
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recorded by four provers. Symptoms of borborygmus are re-
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and ocean meet, should they slip away into the Great Be-
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diflTuse inflammation. Treatment : Calc. sulphide in one-
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department of Charities, and a department of Correc-
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in certain types of insanity, especially the which they extend above the descending
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nately, in large cities and towns, and even in sj^arsely
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scientifically until carefully controlled experiments are
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able report in the volume is that relating to the use of the animal extracts.
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scarcely be lifted away from the body ; leg dragged after patient in
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the anterior intertrochanteric line of the femur, is intimately blended with it,
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in labour to Dr. Herbert Spencer's wards at University College Hospital.
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The phenomena resulting from this property of organized matter
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where the disease owes its birth to debilitating causes. Thii^
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That they originate from identical causes seems evident, from the fact that
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likely tliat, when the head came down, it would arrest the haemor-
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cina ventriculi, yeast fungi, cocci, and bacilli (Fig. 201). This con-
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by the cervical and lumbar enlargements of the cord which
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condyle were divided, and the ulnar nerve was also cut across.
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and if this essay succeeds, in any measure, in directing pub-
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its first volume and reflects great credit and genius on its talented
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and pale ; the headache is in most cases intolerable ; appetite
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