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would produce sufficient energy for so limited space. There
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in one of my observations this was not the case, it being
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the source of our earliest professional precepts, there should
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affected with it from the year 1808 to 1811, only sixty-seven re-
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Med., Leipz,, 1870, vii, 155-182, Also, inhis: ties. Abhandl.,
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cmbolus becoming detached. If the patient be unconscious, even greater
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a general rule, especially in the absence of any particular conditions, such
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ernment, the executives of the several States, and the Commis-
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Dr. W. M. Leszynsky said that the toxic theory of the disease
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rations of bran, middlings, and crushed oats, made into slop and fed in troughs,
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gestion, — sometimes it was livid or of a dark-red colour. There was a
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Mr. Holmes e.xhibiled a patient on whom he had operated
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experimentation he had been able to refute this view also.
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the blister as it acts better as a covering for the raw surface than
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test yarns have very few real dark-red skeins which can be utilized
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the bladder itself. If in examining these clots we find
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added danger in the latter of directly infecting the
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reputation, as its qualification cannot be ascertained by obser-
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