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subside after a time aflbrds no argument to the contrary, now that we know
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T. N. Harris, M. D., Associate Professor of Immunology in Pediatrics, University of
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ticin passed over as a clear oil, which, when cooled, formed a white crystalline
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offering some suggestions for improving the operations of the
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belonging to the endocarditis. I have found, however, that, fortunatdy,
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shrunken, the eyeballs with their congested conjunctivae sink back in the orbits, and
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table correlates changes in the left hemidiaphragm observed on the PA upright
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body who can buj a parchment frQm a pseudo-College, may go to New
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cold, and wet, that constantly attend the application of leeches.
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differ from each other in several properties, are far
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not saloons, but grog-shops, insidious hell-holes, and
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heritance ; (3) traumatism not the alleged cause in a single
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degenerates into pus ; while, if the system be under the influence
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of respect, and were not so far wrong after all. Quinine,
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(both reported in the Journal of the American Medical
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iie not unfirequent termination of excessive fluxionary hyperaemia.
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acterized with a thick, heavy, indurated base, and resisted
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then living, aged sixty, and in good health. She had three children, who died of dis-
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Medicinally used, the salts of bismuth are absolutely
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were able to have such scientific provings and it is the work
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first thoroughly treated with the ordinary remedies — iron,
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Censors — Dr. T. R. Waugh, of St. Albans, Dr. N. D. Feck, of
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HCl, It is necessary to heat the solution gently, preferably
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tation occur coincidentally, hypertrophy and dilatation of the heart
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system, or in the blood, as manifested by a lack of the red corpuscles of
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scribed Vegetable Parasite Found on the Human Skin ;
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ciently impressed on the memory, will become dtimft." The troth of the
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(1) apply an ice-bag, or (2) hot fomentations or poultices, or (3)
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used in very much the same way as in an ordinary case of
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mortality from the two diseases are even more strik-
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fimbriae are opened, the tube is temporarily packed with gauze, and
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Being summoned by telegraph, I visited the patient in con-
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deviation of one of the lines of sight from the object
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tsvo pints of pus, which was discharged per rectum every
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odour of the gas from their skin and breath. I have never pressed