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More than half a century since, a poor, one-eyed German
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but feels a pain in the lumbar region, which sometimes darts round the right side
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There will always be found a certain class of men not quite
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might be considered in the ' best condition.' Ilis powers
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downwards for 2 to 4 inches, and penetrating through the deltoid muscle
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given to these tumors, for they are in no way connected with
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cervical canal is then well dilated and the cervix is then completely
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to it, the higher will be the mortality owing to more
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why they are ordinarily to be heard at the pulmonic area or over the left ventricle,
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surgeons, Medical Dept., Columbia University, New York.
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what not liable. SmiU-pox difi'ered from other epidemics in
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the diagnosis clear. The persistence of this, however, for some
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ernment, the executives of the several States, and the Commis-
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cases. In several instances the glands of the axilla have been enlarged, but the
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dencies which will provide training of greatest useful-
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supply. It is nowise surprising, thei'efore, to learn that infant
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symptoms and diseases which precede, accompany, or follow febrile and
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rior supi'rior spinous ])rocesses of the ileum, at the point where this line |
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.^r h\ .1 1.iii-il;ii ln.a;. in tlu- -li.ipr ..t .i nii--ilt- uv arpi-o--i-a pii-n.- of hone-.
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While parenchymatous neuritis may account for the necrotic changes in
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Lebenserscbeinnngen ; experimentelle Dntersucbungen.
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will occur, for I lately had an adult lady under my care, whose
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tion tremor, sometimes an optic atrophy, and it is not seen as a family
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festations occur, and that probably the deposit of the urates within and
mal" vitamin C consumption lies between 250 and 5000
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' vous system have also been experienced by Arctic travellers during tneir
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case, similar to this one, from the work of Gozzi, an Italian phy-
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nares, and pushed forward the soft palate. Severe epistaxis
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the mucous membrane, but it is always profoundly affected. Among
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brain related to the affected vessel is seriously interfered with, and its
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enabled the operator to maintain exactly the proper relation between
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he maintains that '' if, in an abortion or immature labor,
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real therapeutic properties. A third candidate for popu-
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was a d^'cidedly oedenvitous condition about the ])os-